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Service Updates

Service Changes

ITV Regional channel changes

11:45AM - October 22nd, 2020

From Tuesday 20th October the vast majority of ITV regions and sub-regions will be available on satellite and cable in high definition (HD) for the first time. These channel changes will also bring an end to some viewers getting a different regional news service in their ‘home’ region. The addition of these HD channels will see the closure of some of ITV’s +1 and SD regions. See our full list of ITV regional channel changes.

Known Issues

YouTube loading error on Humax set-top boxes

14:50PM - October 12th, 2020

We are aware of an issue some of our Humax customers are having accessing the YouTube app. This is currently being investigated and we will update this page as soon as we have further information.


Resolved | Archived

Playback issue with BBC applications on Humax set-top boxes

10:15AM - October 16th, 2020

We are pleased to confirm that Humax have been able to provide a fix to restore service to BBC applications (including iPlayer, News and Sport). You should now be able to access these services on Humax devices as normal. page on our website.


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